• The programme is available for the candidates who hold an appropriate certificate of English command at at least B2 level.

  • Admission for the studies is based on candidates’ results of high school diplomas. Diplomas from all over the world are recognised.

  • Admission is online.

  • Registration of candidates for 2023/24 academic year starts on 6th June 2023 and ends on 7th July 2023.

  • Registration is done via University Registration of Candidates page.

  • All further details concerning the admission procedure are available on the Registration Page.

  • Studies are FREE OF CHARGE for the citizens of European Union and EFTA countries.

  • For the citizens of other countries the tuition fee is 1500 € per year (two semesters).

You are

  • As a candidate for studies you surely may have a lot of questions about various aspects of starting your student career, like:

– scholarships
– dorms
– health insurance
– required documents
– STUDENT VISA and LEGISLATION OF STAY (if you are a foreigner)

You will find answers to all of these questions and much more on the University WELCOME POINT website.

Living in

  • Faculty of Philosophy as well as the main campus of the University are located by Krakowskie Przedmieście Street which belongs to the historical part of the city centre.

  • According to the average cost of living in Warsaw for a single person without a rent is around 3080 zł which is about 660 €

  • University offers several comfortable dorms for students

  • Warsaw is a buzzing city where a lot is going on. It has won 'The Best European Destination 2023' award recently. These two websites should be helpful in getting familiar with the capital of Poland:


  • Our programme welcomes Erasmus students, who are admitted on the same basis as other Erasmus students at University of Warsaw. Students who may be considering studying at University of Warsaw as Erasmus exchange students are advised to contact their home university or departmental co–ordinator or their International Relations Office to find out whether a bilateral agreement has been signed between the two departments and, if so, whether the proposed programme of studies shall be approved. For the list of universities with which Faculty of Philosophy has signed the bilateral agreements see the list below.

  • Faculty's coordinator of Erasmus exchange programme is dr. Adrian Ziółkowski: